5.10.1. Liquibase Purpose

Liquibase is used to manage database schema changes. Website

https://www.liquibase.org/ Buildsets involved

  • liquibase_changesets

By running this build set the MetaFactory tool will generate Liquibase change sets in directory [project]\[backend]\src\main\resources\liquibase. Usage

At MetaFactory database schema changes are manually placed in a specific file called:


Whenever the backend is started, any changes that have not been applied yet to the database will be made by Liquibase.


The Liquibase alters changelog liquibase-alters-changeLog.xml is a hand-written file. The MetaFactory tool does generate Liquibase change sets, but these change sets are not incremental change sets. To make sure the change sets are incremental, the content of these generated change sets have to manually copied or converted into the liquibase-alters-changeLog.xml file. For more information about Liquibase see the Liquibase-Homepage.


Each change set in liquibase-alters-changeLog.xml has an id. This id is based upon a Jira issue.


Never change an existing changeSet in `liquibase-alters-changeLog.xml` as this will prevent the backend application from starting!