1.5. The MetaFactory Platform

1.5.1. Trend

For many companies there is an urgent need for improvement of their business. And flexibility is one of the key aspects. As a result new demands appear for business software development:

  • Shortening of the development time

  • More ease of modifying systems to changing requirements

  • More (re)use of generic models and patterns.

1.5.2. Proposition MetaFactory

Supporting Customer’s projects with our method of working and the application of the MetaFactory Low Code Development Platform.

This means that developers change their way of thinking and their working method for developing software. This will result in:

  • Higher productiivity

  • Higher quality

  • Higher flexibility

So the MetaFactory Platform is a combination of:

  • High Performance Code Lab, which supports customers with an experienced Senior Full stack Java team

  • Our Project management approach

  • Application of the MetaFactory Low Code Development Platform, our IT-toolbox for software development.