Installing and configuring IntelliJ IDEA plugin

The first prerequisite to using the plugin is to have the MetaFactory application installed as well as a licence for it (which you can try out for free).

Eye M QuickStart will guide you through this process.

Assuming that you’ve completed all these steps we’ll be ready to go use the plugin after just the few following steps:

  1. The plugin comes with the MetaFactory installation that you have received at this point.

    1. Now go to the IntelliJ ‘Settings’ (under ‘File’) and

    2. go to the plugins tab,

    3. click ‘install plugin from disk’ and navigate to the zip file.

      This will install the plugin and you will have to restart IntelliJ to start using it.

  2. Some configuration is required:

    1. Go to the ‘Tools’ menu –> MetaFactory –> Configure MetaFactory Library.

      Now use the navigator to point to the folder of the MetaFactory installation. ‘Schemas and Templates’ which is located in the same Tools menu now also points to this location.

    2. Go to ‘Project Structure under the ‘File’ menu, view the ‘Modules’ tab

      Make sure that your directory of patterns is present as a module. If not, add it.

    3. Go to the context menu of your pattern directory and set it as source root if it isn’t already.

Now you should be able to see the MetaFactory tool window and if not you can turn it on under ‘View –> Tool Windows’.


Check M Done!

From within the tool window you are able to generate your entire project, or a subset of it by first selecting a builtSet. All the logs that would normally be in the MetaFactory console can now be viewed from the IDEA run window. That’s it.

Exclam L Enjoy the now even faster coding with MetaFactory!