5.9. MetaFactory Features

During the past years MetaFactory developed a great number of ‘features’ of which most of them are in use today. The documentation process wa started not long ago and we decides to start with some new and interesting features. The rest will follow later on. Eventually all features will be documented here and you will find them in the available references below.

Applications generated with the MetaFactory tool may contain one or more of the following features:

  1. List, Edit, Detail Screens

  2. Drag and Drop Internal S (see also How-To Drag & Drop)

  3. User preferences (see also How-To User Preferences)

  4. Search filters (including Intelligent Filtering)

  5. Bulk Edit

  6. Save and New

  7. Search filters based on indirect references

  8. Hibernate Search

  9. Hibernate Facet Search (future)

  10. Custom Finders

  11. Autocomplete

  12. Authorization (Role based)

  13. Rendering

    1. Dashboard

    2. Detail

    3. Tab

    4. Grouping

    5. Custom display values

    6. Custom layout

    7. Pagination

    8. Render a link to a page in a table column

  14. Tests

  15. Test fixtures

  16. Calculated fields

  17. Images

  18. Document Upload

  19. Multi-Lingual support

  20. Unique key definition

  21. Override default routes in list or view module

  22. Using list component multiple times

  23. More…