Wireless Blind Automation Verosol with MetaFactory


Wireless Blind Automation Verosol with MetaFactory

MetaFactory has been asked by Verosol to develop a web-based application for their Wireless Blind Automation solution ‘FourC’. This state-of-the-art system offers the power to control a series of solar powered blinds simply from your smart phone. The application is of course built using the Metafactory tool.

The FourC system enables you to communicate with your blinds and vice versa. Furthermore with the small solar panel as the blind’s power supply no wires are required.  Each blind is connected to other blinds and to a special gateway through an energy efficient bluetooth network. The gateway enables the user to configure the blinds and receive commands. In the reverse direction the blinds are providing status information and alerts if needed through the same gateway. The commands for the blinds can either be given manually by a user, or originate from a circuit.

The FourC web-application will be built using AngularJS front end technology in combination with a Spring backend. Metafactory patterns will be used for both building the application and maintaining it.

For more information about the great Wireless Blind Automation concept of Verosol, check out

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