Why take an SDA course?


Why take an SDA course?

Earn your certificate in software development automation with MetaFactory’s SDA courses.

In MetaFactory’s software development automation (SDA) courses you will learn two things:

  1. How to use an SDA tool. (We use the MetaFactory SDA tool.)
  2. How to recognize software patterns and the variations within these patterns.

What is software development automation?

Software development automation (SDA) is all about automating your programming. As a software developer, it lets you work on a higher level of abstraction, leading to increased productivity and better software. It also allows you to play a central role in the automation process. In fact, you will keep doing what you do best: writing effective and elegant code. The main difference with before is that you will now be able to work faster and deliver even better results.

SDA represents a logical progression in the automation trend that has transformed the world of IT: automatic testing, automated build processes and continuous delivery.

How does software development automation work?

SDA is based on the recognition and application of software patterns. Cars that leave the assembly line are all unique, yet they have been manufactured largely in a factory, just like expensive designer clothes. Automation and the related field of robotization are becoming part and parcel of most professions, quite simply because they have a positive effect on productivity and quality. These different forms of automation are based on the recognition of patterns and the variation that occurs within those patterns. It allows a craftsman to transfer the boring and repetitive aspects of his work to an automated process or a robot so that he can focus on the highly specialized parts of his work that can’t be automated. In terms of SDA, no one does a better job of fine-tuning the robot than the software developer himself. His craft isn’t made redundant by the assembly line. On the contrary, he becomes the architect of the assembly line. He enriches the automatically produced software with authentic code that could never be automated.

Why should I take an SDA course?

An SDA course will teach you two things:

  1. How to use an SDA tool. (We use the MetaFactory SDA tool.)
  2. How to recognize software patterns and the variations within these patterns.

For a software developer, the first part is relatively easy to master. All you need to do is install the software and take the tutorial. This won’t take more than a couple of hours.

Being able to recognize software patterns and the variation within these patterns requires some effort. In general, a piece of software holds more patterns than you might think. Every layer of your software contains patterns:

  • View layer
  • Domain model
  • Application logic
  • Persistence

Patterns are pieces of code that can’t be solved through inheritance or generic functions. You can recognize software patterns by the fact that they serve a similar purpose yet aren’t identical and can’t be applied to every entity in your application.

An SDA course will teach you to:

  • Recognize patterns in software
  • Identify variables in patterns
  • Organize the SDA tool in such a way that the source code it yields is identical to the source code you would have written manually
  • Combine automatically produced software with manually produced software
  • Use SDA for new projects and refactoring
  • Use SDA for software maintenance.
  • Convert existing software into patterns (re-engineering)
  • Deploy patterns in an IT department with multiple agile teams

What is the value of an SDA certificate?

Getting an SDA certificate is first and foremost an investment in yourself. SDA specialists have learned to look at software development in a different way. They are more productive, produce better code and enjoy their work even more. An SDA certificate grants you access to the next level in the field of software development.

That same SDA certificate will also open up new business opportunities. Of course, there is still a strong demand for good software developers, and you could continue writing source code the old-fashioned way for years to come, but the fact is that the most interesting jobs go to SDA specialists. Software developers with an SDA certificate also tend to be put in a higher pay scale. That means a better salary or a higher hourly rate. And with good reason. After all, your productivity and the quality of your work have increased.

What is the SDA Genius Award?

Patterns are something you make for yourself. Perhaps you share them with colleagues. But you can also draw on open-source patterns. If your open-source patterns are used by others and if other SDA specialists ‘star’ them at least five times over the span of a year, MetaFactory will put an SDA Genius Award on your SDA certificate. This award grants you the right to use the MetaFactory SDA tool for a year—no strings attached, no limits and not just for private use.

MetaFactory patterns are available for an increasing number of technology stacks. Currently, open-source patterns are shared for:

  • Java – Spring
  • Java – Hibernate
  • Java – JPA
  • Java – JEE2
  • AngularJS
  • JavaScript

The number of patterns available for various technology stacks continues to grow. Stay informed through GitHub.

Click here for an overview of SDA courses currently on offer at MetaFactory.

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