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Why MetaFactory?

Why MetaFactory?

Focus on business logic and software architecture

Most software developers still work in the old-fashioned way: every single line of code is entered manually. This method is not only time-consuming, it also leads to human errors. Another drawback is that it is difficult to incorporate new ideas once the code is written. If a client changes his mind halfway through the development process, all code must be changed manually.

MetaFactory is a Software Factory

MetaFactory may well be the solution you have always been dreaming of. MetaFactory is a software factory that helps developers automate their work. The most obvious benefit is speed. But that’s not all. Just think of the grip you will get on your source code. Should a client (or the developer himself) suddenly arrive at a new insight, changes can be made with the click of a button.

Keep control over the generated code

The great thing about MetaFactory is that, even though the code is created automatically, the developer remains in charge of the development process: every line of code and each class, method and field can be adjusted at any time.

Work faster and improve quality

The automation of source code production allows you to work faster and more carefully. That means you will have a better product, greater productivity, a shorter time to market and, quite simply, more fun in what you are doing!

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