What is MetaFactory  /   What is it?

What is it?

What is it?

A code generator loved by software engineers

MetaFactory helps developers create source code. With MetaFactory, it is no longer necessary to write this code manually: the software produces the code you need, according to your configuration and instructions.

Automate development process

Using MetaFactory is very straightforward. The only thing you need to do is create a number of instructions with XML and template engines such as FreeMarker and Velocity. Based on these instructions, MetaFactory immediately creates the source code you want.

Automatically update all code

Does your source code need a little tweaking? Simply adjust the input (xml pattern or template) according to your requirements and MetaFactory will automatically apply your changes to all the relevant lines of code.

Desktop application

MetaFactory is a desktop application (Windows/Linux/Mac) that runs on the developer’s computer. MetaFactory is only needed during development and doesn’t affect the environment in which the software will eventually be used (server, cloud or desktop). The way your software will be deployed is not affected by MetaFactory.

Dealing with manually created code

Every software project involves a little bit of code that needs to be written manually. MetaFactory offers various ways to deal with manual changes without complicating the overall design.

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