What clients say  /   René Balvers


How did you find out about MetaFactory?

“We have worked with First Base for over ten years, so we know exactly what it is they do and what they are good at. We more or less witnessed MetaFactory come into being”.

What was it about MetaFactory that appealed to you?

“We were looking for a good CRM solution. What it came down to was: buy something off the shelf, or make it ourselves. We also looked into various open-source solutions, but nothing we found catered to our needs. Of course, there is always the option of joining an existing open-source project and trying to get together a group of people who are willing to work on the features you want, but even then you are facing considerable costs. In the end, we decided to develop our own solution. To cut costs we considered outsourcing the development process. However, we soon realized that that would get us nowhere. Production costs are rising steadily in countries like India and China, and you are likely to spend excessive amounts of time specifying your demands and instructing the company you hire. At that point, First Base entered the picture. They showed us how MetaFactory allows you to take charge of your software development process. It was just what we needed: we are now able to develop our own CRM software exactly the way we want”.

Could you tell us a bit more about your experience with MetaFactory?

“We used MetaFactory to develop a CRM product called Seven. MetaFactory’s main advantage is that it allows you to improve the source code of your software. And it makes things like fine-tuning the configuration and setting up a prototype really straightforward. Moreover, MetaFactory eliminates the need for outsourcing software development tasks, which means we don’t have to waste time and money on coordinating overseas IT departments or specifying our demands. On a day-to-day level, we have found that we can do a lot more when it comes to error detection and repair. But the most wonderful thing about MetaFactory is that it takes care of all the repetitive and boring work. Our developers can now focus on things they are good at”.

Would you recommend MetaFactory to other companies?

“Of course. MetaFactory is the perfect software development tool. It gives you speed and flexibility, you don’t need to outsource production and it brings back the fun in developing. Anyone who would like to know more about my experience with MetaFactory can contact me”

René Balvers, Director.


M: 072 – 576 2552