What clients say  /   Norman Mulder

How did you find out about MetaFactory?

“A couple of years ago Cap Gemini posted me to a big insurance company. I joined project management, while Marnix was hired as lead developer of the IT team. That team was already using MetaFactory”

What was it about MetaFactory that appealed to you?

“I thought Marnix had a refreshing take on software development. But it didn’t hit me how powerful this tool is until I spoke with a couple of Java developers who were working with MetaFactory”

Could you tell us a bit more about your experience with MetaFactory?

“Well, it soon turned out that software quality improved dramatically. Even in the face of pressing deadlines developers were able to apply radical changes. Pressure usually leads to mistakes, but MetaFactory allowed us to deliver first-rate software without losing our head”.

Would you recommend MetaFactory to other companies?

“I’m a big fan. If it’s better software you want, software that can be changed at all times without running the risk of messing up your source code, you should definitely give it a try. It’s also very to use.”

I: Norman Mulder
M: 06 4162 2577