What clients say  /   Harry Viet

What does YOB do and what role does software play in the company?

“YOB develops online accounting software. Our software is used by more than 200 accountants and their countless clients. We always aim for the best possible cooperation between all parties involved. That’s why we develop our own software.”

Why did YOB choose MetaFactory?

“We thought First Base had a very interesting take on software development, so we asked them to come over and convince us. They set up an intensive workshop that focused on a number of situations we were dealing with at that time. Seeing what MetaFactory could do for us really clinched it. It also helped that First Base proved to be an excellent sparring partner for our highly qualified software developers.”

When did you start using MetaFactory? How has it helped you?

“We have been thrilled with MetaFactory ever since we first started using it in early 2011. Not only do we work faster, the software we produce is better and more stable than ever.”

Are you happy with the support you’re receiving?

“MetaFactory has become a strategic resource for our company, so continuity is key. When it comes to support, new releases and updates, we know we can count on MetaFactory.”

Would you recommend MetaFactory to other companies>

“Definitely. I think anyone who deals with tailor-made software development on a regular basis will benefit greatly from using MetaFactory. I’d be happy to share my thoughts with others, so anyone who’s interested please feel free to get in touch”.

Harry Viet, technisch directeur YOB Online Boekhouden.


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