7th Nov 2017 | Managing IoT networks


7th Nov 2017 | Managing IoT networks

IoT products are getting mature and are sold commercially to B2B and B2C markets. IoT offers a great opportunity to introduce smarter solutions in our Eco-systems.

But how do you manage the life cycle of an IoT product? For instance, how do you provide a software update to 100k+ IoT products that are installed throughout the world?

In this interactive session we show an IoT smart building system and explain the software requirements from a life cycle perspective; both on the IoT side and also on the back office side. In this presentation we explain the challenges in the various stages of the life cycle. We follow this product from prototype via the first commercial roll-out and the current stage where we are facing a mass-scale production situation and selling the IoT product globally.

The IoT product is the smart wireless blind developed for Verosol. ChessWise has built the IoT controllers and connect the devices thru a proprietary Bluetooth mesh protocol. The IoT devices are connected to a back office that is used to setup, maintain and control the IoT network. MetaFactory has built the back office using the MetaFactory code generator to provide maintainable software with incremental functionality.

Functionality of the IoT back office includes:

  • Commissioning the IoT ¬†network
  • Updating the firmware in the IoT network
  • Logging and monitoring the IoT network
  • Controlling the IoT network with sensors and time schedules

Verosol FourC IoT backoffice

We expect that participants of our session learn to see the potential of these sort of IoT solutions and have an awareness what hurdles have to be taken when developing the software taking an agile/incremental approach to create such a system.

The meetup

During the meetup we will demonstrate the IoT backoffice, the IoT network principles and the concept of the MetaFactory tool. On Tuesday the 7th of November 2017 we will start at 6 PM at the MetaFactory office: Zekeringstraat 19 B, 1014 BM Amsterdam. The meeting will end at approx 9 PM. Food and drinks are available.

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