Bachelor Computer Science graduation project


Bachelor Computer Science graduation project

MetaFactory is facilitating a bachelor Computer Science graduation project for students of the University of Amsterdam. Students of other universities can apply as well. The assignment is to proof that MetaFactory can produce a fully operational C# program based on MetaFactory patterns.

MetaFactory is a Software Development Automation tool. With MetaFactory a software engineer can produce his/her own code based on MetaFactory patterns. The MetaFactory patterns can be adjusted by the software engineer to its full extent. With MetaFactory the productivity and quality of software engineering will improve dramatically. MetaFactory is from origin an SDA tool for administrative Java programs. At MetaFactory we are exploring the possibilities to make MetaFactory source code independent. The proof of the pudding is in creating C# patterns to produce a fully operational C# program. At MetaFactory a demo AngularJS/Java bookstore application is produced based on AngularJS and Java patterns. The challenge is to create C# patterns that the same bookstore application can be run in C#.



For more information on the website of the University of Amsterdam see

A monthly allowance of € 350 is available for travel expenses and other costs.


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