About us

Marnix van Bochove – partner / SDA specialist

Marnix van Bochove is the creator of MetaFactory, an expert in Software Development Automation (SDA) and a partner at MetaFactory, where he has technical responsibility for the MetaFactory tool.

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Jack van Praag – Partner

Jack van Praag is a partner at MetaFactory, where he has final responsibility. 

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Tony Koeleman – partner

Tony Koeleman is a partner at MetaFactory, where he has operational responsibility.

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Kim Visser – SDA Specialist

Kim Visser is the first employee who as a senior Java software developer joined the founding MetaFactory team. Kim is a Software Development Automation specialist.

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Jan Hartman – SDA specialist

Jan Hartman is an experienced real-time and embedded software developer: PLC programming, SCADA and of course C and Java. Jan is specializing in the usage of MetaFactory for industrial automation. With IoT coming to our lives, Jan is a splendid enrichment of our team!

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