About us

Marnix van Bochove – partner / SDA specialist

Marnix van Bochove is the creator of MetaFactory, an expert in Software Development Automation (SDA) and a partner at MetaFactory, where he has technical responsibility for the MetaFactory tool.

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Jack van Praag – Partner

Jack van Praag is a partner at MetaFactory, where he has final responsibility. 

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Tony Koeleman – partner

Tony Koeleman is a partner at MetaFactory, where he has operational responsibility.

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Kim Visser – SDA Specialist

Kim Visser is the first employee who as a senior Java software developer joined the founding MetaFactory team. Kim is a Software Development Automation specialist.

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Merijn van Rossum – SDA specialist

Merijn has a background in environmental science, where he learned to use modelling techniques to visualize the complex interactions of environmental components. This system level approach can be found in Software Development Automation at MetaFactory as well.

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Jan Hartman – SDA specialist

Jan Hartman is an experienced real-time and embedded software developer: PLC programming, SCADA and of course C and Java. Jan is specializing in the usage of MetaFactory for industrial automation. With IoT coming to our lives, Jan is a splendid enrichment of our team!

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